Welcome to the Reach
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The Imperium’s light shines for thousands of light years in all directions, but in some spaces that light is barely but a flickering candle against the darkness of the Void. Heresy is the least of the Imperium’s concerns in such spaces, as teeming Hive worlds long independent from the Holy Light of the Emperor fight unknown wars and suffer unremarked holocausts in the black, dark Void, while other worlds slide into Chaos, decay, and primalism.

The Jericho Reach was once one of those places, forgotten to all in the upper echelons of the Imperium but the Ordo Xenos. The great Watch Fortress Erioch, in the dozens of centuries the Reach was apart from the Holy Light of Terra, stood silent vigil and watched, powerless, as worlds fell to nascent xenos heresies and Chaos. With the coming of the Achilus Crusade, the Reach and its Deathwatch have slowly repopulated, and only now are Kill-teams proper surviving in numbers large enough to field true response to the Xenos threats in the Reach.

The players are members of the Deathwatch, Space Marines who have shown exemplary and elite service to their Chapter, and as a reward, have been given the Honor and Duty to serve the Emperor directly within the Inquisition. They serve upon the Deathwatch cruiser The Dauntless, their operations directed towards a violent and dangerous piece of space on the edge of the Imperium’s crusade known as the Greyhell Front.


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