Gone Quiet

Watch Station Carbuncle is a manned observation station meant to study the Hadex Anomoly at distance. Ultramarine Librarian Exeter has been stationed there long term along with a handful of servitors and an Astropath. The last few reports from the Astropath have become shorter and shorter, describing longer and longer hours spent by the Librarian in contemplation of the Anomaly with fewer and fewer insights into the dilation effects caused by the Anomaly, and now the station has gone quiet. Two months have passed without so much as an update, and attempts to contact the Astropath have failed.

Watch Commander Mordigael fears the worst has befallen the errant Psyker.

Requisition: 45
-Make landing at Carbuncle
-Discern the mental and spiritual state of Librarian Exeter


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Gone Quiet
MichaelPrather MichaelPrather

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