Tip of the Spear

Purge the Xenos!

The quarantined Shrine world of Bekrin has in secret been fighting an alarming and dangerous infestation of genestealers, alike to that which were encountered on Ries. The quarantine was begun when the Inquisition began to suspect the corruption of the Cult of Saint Belem, a famous and influential Astropath who held the Jerich Reach together for several centuries during the long dark. Lord Ebongrave initiated the Quarantine, much to the annoyance of the Ordo Xenos, who preferred direct engagement to save the lives and materials of the Shrine World.

Brother Valen, Kill-Marine on planet, has recently activated his Vox distress beacon, requesting Deathwatch and Naval support. A Hive Tyrant has been spotted on planet, and within his dispatch are ominous reports of subterreanean brood pits. The planet is being consumed from the inside out, and Valen and those few Hives still loyal to the Emperor must be evacuated. Lord Ebongrave has dispatched the Cruiser Excelsior along with a million Guardsmen to enact the evacuation and Exterminatus of the once-pristine Shrine world.

Mission Requisition: 40

-Secure Brother Valen on the Planet’s surface
-Defend and secure the Inquisitorial halls in the capital
-Destroy the Hive Tyrant to disrupt the Hive Mind and distort the Shadow of the Warp that has been obscuring events on Bekrin


MichaelPrather MichaelPrather

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