Brother Samiel

Dreadnaught pilot of the Dauntless


Brother Samiel is ancient; so ancient, in fact, the Dreadnaught interred pilot of the Dauntless no longer recalls from what system he originally hails. Despite the Dark Age Dreadnaught pilot bay built into the powerful custom cruiser, the centuries have simply been too long for the once-crack Cruiser pilot. While his piloting skills haven’t faded, and in fact have grown sharper as his neurology has settled into the War-spirit and servitors that maintain the vessel, everything else about Samiel has faded into obscurity. He vaguely recalls his time in the Ultramarines, though the centuries spent in the Deathwatch are of greater import to the Pilot. Samiel maintains a strange eagerness for his duties that few Dreadnaughts share, and enjoys lively discussion with any Battle Brother who approaches his cockpit.

Samiel is close friends with Arkus, and the latter trusts the former entirely with his vessel despite his own piloting skills. Arkus, when necessary, deploys in the Intrepid when additional firepower support is necessary for the vessel. Their long working relationship is strained only by Samiel’s jealousy of Arkus’ mobility and vitality, which only comes to a simmer when Ultramarines are under direct threat. It is the only time Brother Samiel seems to miss the heavy Ceramite of his armor and resent his installation in the Dauntless.

Brother Samiel

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