Watch Commander Mordigael Commodus

Watch Commander


The Watch Commander is one of a handful of the Deathwatch who remembers, vividly, the times before the Achilus Crusade, when the light of the Imperium was wholly absent from the Jericho Reach. He rose to power and command in the times of darkness, warring intermittently with the Tau and Eldar forces in the Reach as what remained of the Imperium and man’s forces in the Reach would allow.

Tall, blonde, with a glorious bearing befitting one of the elders of the Blood Angels, Mordigael was the Kill-Marine on the planet now known as Wrath, and with the arrival of the Achilus Crusade and the discovery of the Warp Gate, found himself turned from a Kill-Marine on a lost Hive world to arguably the most important member of the Inquisition for light years. Steeped in knowledge of the Reach, he coordinated with Achilus on the initial thrust of the campaign, ending with his guidance in reuniting the distant Watch Fortress with the Imperium. For his valiant service Watch Commander Eric Lemus took the long Watch to step aside for Mordigael to leverage his relationship with Achilus and knowledge of the Crusade to retake the Reach.

Since those glorious days, and the death of Achilus, Mordigael’s role has shifted from vanguard of the Imperium’s assault to holding the responsibility for the Watch in the Reach. It is a burden with which he is unaccustomed; more used to glory and aggrandizement of the Imperium, Mordigael has only the equivalent of a few squadrons of Marines scattered across the long distance of the Reach, and only a few Kill-ships of merit to bring to bear against the myriad foes of the Imperium. For this, he has reached back to his experience in the darkness, an experience he detested then and detests now. He longs for the opportunity for the Deathwatch to act once more as the vanguard of assault and conquest, and loathes the game of survival and compromise his position now requires.

Watch Commander Mordigael Commodus

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