Gone Quiet

Watch Station Carbuncle is a manned observation station meant to study the Hadex Anomoly at distance. Ultramarine Librarian Exeter has been stationed there long term along with a handful of servitors and an Astropath. The last few reports from the Astropath have become shorter and shorter, describing longer and longer hours spent by the Librarian in contemplation of the Anomaly with fewer and fewer insights into the dilation effects caused by the Anomaly, and now the station has gone quiet. Two months have passed without so much as an update, and attempts to contact the Astropath have failed.

Watch Commander Mordigael fears the worst has befallen the errant Psyker.

Requisition: 45
-Make landing at Carbuncle
-Discern the mental and spiritual state of Librarian Exeter

Fungus Amongus

Watch Fortress Erioch’s psychic sensors have detected a fledgling Ork WAAAGH! of startling intensity just beyond the Greyhell front on the thought-Deadworld Carsis. A warboss there bears a WAAAAGH strong enough to unite a whole sector, and Mordigael is ordering the Dauntless to dispatch the ’boss before he can grab other nobz and spread the WAAAGH throughout the Reach.

Mission Requisition: 50

-Safe Landing on the planet’s surface
-Locate the Warboss and destroy his warband to stifle the WAAAGH before it develops

Bait and Switch
...the rube is not who you think

The frontier world of Pellor, where fighting with the Tau was at most intermittent, has signed a comprehensive treaty of integration and capitulation with the Tau Empire. Inquisitor Adrielle, normally assigned to Meniscus, hails from the system and is a personal friend of the Governor. She believes she is capable of turning them back to the light of the Imperium before the fully fall to Tau perfidy.

Mission Requisition: 20
-Escort Inquisitor Adrielle to the meeting site
-Avoid behavior which might turn the system to the Foe unnecessarily

Rescue Job
Ravaging Ravacene

War against the Xenos is fierce in the Ravacene system as the Tau auxiliaries, the Kroot, have adapted to the acrid, chemical-laced air of the jungle planet. The Guard’s numbers are in constant need of support, and Inquisitor Galwyn, in an attempt to break the stalemate, ordered a Interceptor craft into support position for an assault. The vessel was shot down by hidden defensive gundrones, and the assault has ground to a stalemate. The Inquisitor is requesting the Deathwatch rescue the support craft and its valuable intelligence and then help the Guard break the Kroot lines to win valuable ground on the planet’s surface.

(Potentially two sessions)

Mission Requisition: 60

-Rescue the downed craft
-Hold the craft against the oncoming assault of Kroot
-Support the assault to push the line to the vessel
-Flank the Tau Fire Warriors and push them out of their pillbox
-Lead the Guard to glory against the Xenos

Tip of the Spear
Purge the Xenos!

The quarantined Shrine world of Bekrin has in secret been fighting an alarming and dangerous infestation of genestealers, alike to that which were encountered on Ries. The quarantine was begun when the Inquisition began to suspect the corruption of the Cult of Saint Belem, a famous and influential Astropath who held the Jerich Reach together for several centuries during the long dark. Lord Ebongrave initiated the Quarantine, much to the annoyance of the Ordo Xenos, who preferred direct engagement to save the lives and materials of the Shrine World.

Brother Valen, Kill-Marine on planet, has recently activated his Vox distress beacon, requesting Deathwatch and Naval support. A Hive Tyrant has been spotted on planet, and within his dispatch are ominous reports of subterreanean brood pits. The planet is being consumed from the inside out, and Valen and those few Hives still loyal to the Emperor must be evacuated. Lord Ebongrave has dispatched the Cruiser Excelsior along with a million Guardsmen to enact the evacuation and Exterminatus of the once-pristine Shrine world.

Mission Requisition: 40

-Secure Brother Valen on the Planet’s surface
-Defend and secure the Inquisitorial halls in the capital
-Destroy the Hive Tyrant to disrupt the Hive Mind and distort the Shadow of the Warp that has been obscuring events on Bekrin

First Landing
A Brutal welcome to the Watch

Initial reports indicate that on on the frontier world of Ries, one of the central Hive structures has been corrupted by the genetic malevolence of Genestealers. Watch Commander Mordigael has requested that the Dauntless support the efforts of the Ordo Hereticus in the purging of heresy and xeno-mutation from the population with cleansing fire.

Mission Requisition: 30
-Purge the Xenos threat on Ries’ main Hive cluster
-Support and defend the landing site of the Intrepid
-Find and defend the Kill-Marine on planet

Arkus warns,
“Carry the Emperor’s will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows”


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