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Welcome to my Deathwatch Campaign: A Grim Grey Hell. Set in the Greyhell front of the Canis Salient, the players are part of a cadre of Space Marines aboard the Strike Cruiser Dauntless, tasked with supporting the Inquisition’s effort within the Front.

This campaign is episodic in nature, we will meet when I can manage with the players that can make it. I will allow multiple characters within reason, for those that can make the game, so we can maintain a diverse array of skills to each mission no matter who shows up.

Please submit, as well as you can, your character to the game wiki so that everyone can see them. Including advances and some stats would be good too.

Character Creation

I don’t have much to say on this topic, except that when rolling character stats, make the entire battery of rolls and then assign them to the various stats rather than rolling through them. I strongly suggest selecting a Specialty then a Chapter that supports that Specialty. We are using the Errata rules.


We are using the Errata weapon stats. These better balance Bolters and Chainswords and make melee fighting slightly more advantageous in terms of Criticals than with Bolters.

Multiple Characters

For those that make game sessions consistently, I will allow multiple characters so that we can better balance Kill-teams. I restrict only Librarians to one per player.

Canon setting

I will be making minor changes to the canon setting so that it is more in line with dark ages monasticism on the part of the Marines. One relatively important change from some canonical sources is that Marines are not automatically eunuchs unless they take the Chem Geld advance.

Signature Wargear

Signature wargear normally allows for a SINGLE piece of additional equipment, modified by add-ons and by quality improvements. For a 10% penalty to the requision cost normally allowed (for example for the initial signature wargear it would be -2 penalty), the Marine may take as many different pieces of wargear and additions to existing standard issue gear adding up to the total requisition as he would like.

Specialty Choices

For each specialty you generally chose one special ability. Additional special abilities not chosen may be purchased as an advance for 500xp.

Useful pages and tables in the core book

Marine standard issue gear and Specialty specific gear – page 29
Space Marine, Chapter, Deathwatch Advances – Page 61-68
Listing of simple descriptions for Talents – Page 110-113

Two-Weapon Fighting

…is badass, so I’m allowing the Two-weapon talents at Rank 3 instead of Rank 7 per the Errata. They remain 800xp as per the errata.

Standard issue storage

Marines have two pieces of combat webbing standard, each of which may hold two clips of ammo or four grenades.

Main Page

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