The Dauntless

The Dauntless is an ancient strike cruiser , still bearing the markings of its 35th millennium Martian make. While it is unknown for how long the vessel has served in the Jericho Reach, as Erioch’s records have been ravaged in the long dark when Jericho was lost, the Dauntless has been a pivotal strike vessel for for the Deathwatch in the Greyhell front under Arkus’ command for five centuries.

An Astartes vessel at once point contributed to the Emperor’s direct service, it was built for an Astartes crew and includes a Imperial chapel, Librarium, training grounds, and cells sufficient for a half company of Space Marines, though generally no more than half that number are ever on board. However, much of the ship has been retrofitted to fit nearly two hundred mortals who serve as adjunct to the Inquisitor-on-board, Inquisitor Danel.

While smaller than most strike cruisers, with a lighter carrying capacity than would be expected of such a vessel, the Dauntless makes up for it with improved Gellar field generators, warp drives, and ship shielding. While it can, at most, house half a company of Space Marines and attendant Inquisitorial staff, the Deathwatch has long made it a policy to make up for a lack of numbers with arsenal and elite training and dedication.

The Dauntless has been piloted by Brother Samiel for two centuries, previously Brother Elric was the Dreadnaught pilot. However, battle damage to the core in an engagement with Dark Eldar disrupted power long enough to necrotize the former Pilot. Watch Captain Arkus has the authority to command the vessel, but Watch Commander Mordigael has allocated the vessel to support Commander Ebongrave in the Greyhell Front until such time as the Tyranid and Tau threats have been neutralized, or the vessel lost to the annals of the Emperor’s Glory.

Technical specs and Decks

4.25 km in length, the Dauntless is shorter and more elegant of construction than an Imperial light Cruiser, and is normally manned by a crew of nearly a thousand monotask servitors, assisted in processing sophisticated tasks by the interred Dreadnaught pilot. Nearly half of the ships hold is taken up by the massive trove of Deathwatch inventory held within, including a Land Raider.

The Marine residence deck is relatively small and spartan, dominated by the Chapel of the Emperor’s Glory, and contains little more than slumber cells for those Marines in need of a moment’s peace and meditation. The Marines also have two tall decks for various live fire and other martial exercises, constructed and broken down by a mixture of the Marines, monotask servitors, and bolter fire.

The common deck, which contains the main galleys and the audience hall, is Astartes scale but accessible to the mortal Inquisition staff on board. Below, where on a Chapter strike cruiser would be the reserve company chambers, one Astartes deck has been converted into two residence decks for the staff and retinue of the Inquisitor-on-board Danel. Still further below are the residences of the Astropath-on-board and the Ship Navigators, as they would be on a Chapter Strike Cruiser.

The Dauntless

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