Rescue Job

Ravaging Ravacene

War against the Xenos is fierce in the Ravacene system as the Tau auxiliaries, the Kroot, have adapted to the acrid, chemical-laced air of the jungle planet. The Guard’s numbers are in constant need of support, and Inquisitor Galwyn, in an attempt to break the stalemate, ordered a Interceptor craft into support position for an assault. The vessel was shot down by hidden defensive gundrones, and the assault has ground to a stalemate. The Inquisitor is requesting the Deathwatch rescue the support craft and its valuable intelligence and then help the Guard break the Kroot lines to win valuable ground on the planet’s surface.

(Potentially two sessions)

Mission Requisition: 60

-Rescue the downed craft
-Hold the craft against the oncoming assault of Kroot
-Support the assault to push the line to the vessel
-Flank the Tau Fire Warriors and push them out of their pillbox
-Lead the Guard to glory against the Xenos


MichaelPrather MichaelPrather

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