Arkus Aureilius

Our duty is the Long Watch


Arkus Aureilius was sent to the Deathwatch after a chance encounter with one of the Tyranid bioships, a Capital class ‘vessel’ that downed his Thunderhawk Gunship ’Raven’s Dawn’ on an unknown world. He and the Squadron of Dark Angels put up a valiant defense of the fallen vessel against the Tyranid hordes, but eventually all but Arkus fell to the foe before the Chapter could rescue them. That was nearly a thousand years of service on the planet now known as Denari 5 within the region of the Jericho Reach now known as the Greyhell front.

Given the Captaincy of the cruiser class ‘Dauntless’ for his centuries of service, Arkus is known for his (often warranted) paranoia of others and his personal survival skills honed as a Kill-Marine on planet for so many centuries. While he leaves the mundane flight and combat operations to the vessel’s dedicated Dreadnaught pilot Brother Samiel, Arkus is a crack Thunderhawk Gunship pilot and makes use of the Deathwatch gunship ‘Intrepid’ when intercept vessels are necessary in the Void or operations on planet require additional aerial support.

Arkus, due to the scale of his responsibilities, is rarely outside of the Intrepid or Dauntless, and prefers a role of ferrying his younger Battle-Brothers into or out of heavy conflict. Fiercely dedicated to those under his command (who are generally exempted from the gravity of his paranoia of others, but not always), Arkus has the favor of Watch Commander Mordigael through centuries of loyal service, but detests the Imperial Guard and Navy with whom he is forced to coordinate. His true hatred, however, is for the ‘lesser’ Ordo Hereticus, which he views as a place for lesser men to wield power unearned over others, and would claim, in its supreme arrogance, a place in the Imperial Hierarchy with the ‘true’ Ordos. The source of the depth of the contempt is unknown.

Arkus Aureilius

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