Confessor-Servitor Ezrael

Doubt begets Heresy


Appearing to be a handsome young man with a sleek, ancient cogitator installed into his skull, the Confessor-Servitor’s flesh houses a particularly ancient servitor system of unidentifiable make. The Servitor emerged from the Omega Vault nearly a millenia ago and ‘returned’ to service about the Dauntless, though there are no records of the Servitor ever on board on the ship’s primary datacore. The Servitor and the Chapel are one, and the sight of the servitor’s crimson vestments are ever present in the Chapel, though the Servitor is normally silently consumed by his work, the upkeep of the Chapel and its shrines.

The Servitor is polite, though his Gothic is strangely accented and his manner archaic. If approached, though it is obvious that it retains an intelligence and awareness uncommon in any servitors. Introspective and inquisitive, the Confessor-Servitor reminds all Marines of their duty to the God Emperor whose image is in the Chapel.


Confessor-Servitor Ezrael

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