Inquisitor Danel

Worst. Job. Ever.


Literally the only thing in Inquisitor Danel’s life that is going to his preference is that he is being very well compensated both now and in the future for the direly serious work he is doing as an Inquisitor-on-board upon one of the handful of Deathwatch Capital ships operating in the Jericho Reach. A young and sharp Inquisitor, Danel keeps to the cluster of former Space Marine cells that had been converted for his personal guard and astropaths, and he keeps to his duty of keeping the Watch Captain informed, as much in writing as possible, of requests for the ship’s intervention in Inquisition matters.

Danel is painfully aware of the contempt and revulsion that Arkus feels in the presence of the Inquisitor, but he has been told that in fact he has the best working relationship with Arkus of any of his predecessors, none of which have lasted half of the two years that Danel has lasted in his post. The Inquisitor Lord is quite happy with Danel in his post, and is willing to pay nearly any price the young man would dare have the gumption to ask for to avoid doing the work himself. For his part, Danel has a great many nightmares of being called into the Emperor’s Chapel for a debriefing, only to be summarily shot for the political meddling of his colleagues, or for some piece of misinformation his superiors feed him to use the Dauntless for their own purposes. The young Inquisitor has never seen Arkus’ face, and knows only the snarling, contemptuous baritone that roars from the Captain’s vox unit.

In some respects, Danel is thankful for the paranoia of the Watch Captain; his tendency to see only duplicity in the mortal Inquisition, and his suspicion of every report Danel is obliged to deliver, at least reduces the chances the Dauntless will be lead astray. It is cold, cold comfort.


Inquisitor Danel

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